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TGS | The Grab Specialist

Your reliable specialist in the design, manufacturing, repair of all grabs and special constructions 

The Grab Specialist B.V. designs, develops and manufactures grabs for the dry bulk cargo-, dredging- and recycling industries. Our main objective is to ensure that all products supplied add value for our clients. Product development is guaranteed, solving specific problems for our clients is the cornerstone of our business philosophy.

The Grab Specialist B.V. strategy is built upon 75 years experience in the 'grabbing' business which ensures that the end product offers favourable operating expenses of the grab, due to an excellent price-quality ratio, and low maintenance costs. The professionals in this co-operation are paying their highest attention during the early design and development stage of the grab to secure clients utmost satisfaction. Not only in maximising your machine’s productivity but also in storing of the grab during transport to the site.

It is of most importance to our clients that we are a service oriented company complying with the highest standard in respect of after sales- and spare part supply service to secure productivity in your operations. We can assure all clients that we can meet all requirements.

The Grab Specialist B.V. is fully acquainted with the market, constantly following changes and trends, implementing these in finding practical custom-made solutions for our clients.

Why choose TGS?

  • +75 years of experience!
  • High quality products & quick delivery
  • Excellent service, fast delivery of Spare Parts
  • All grabs are built in conformity with CE standard
  • Large stock of new and used grabs
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified

Contact with TGS

The Grab Specialist B.V.
Draaibrugweg 1
1332 AA Almere
The Netherlands
T: +31 - (0) 36 532 88 22 E: info@tgs-grabs.nl
The Grab Specialist B.V.
Draaibrugweg 1
1332 AA Almere
The Netherlands
+31 - (0) 36 532 88 22 info@tgs-grabs.nl