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Mechanical Single Line Roundnose Grabs

The Mechanical Single Line Roundnose Grab is specially designed for heavy duty dredging and digging purposes. For very hard soil mixed with rocks.  The grabs are manufactured of high wear resistant steel. The turning points are equipped with heavy duty bronze bearings. The bearings are double sealed to prevent dirt from entering into the bearings.

The lever arms are reinforced to avoid bending. The inner side of the scales is smooth, without any abrupt transitions. 
This minimises the resistance during the digging in to the soil and also makes it easier to unload sticky materials like clay. The knives are manufactured in a round shape for more strength and more impact into the very hard bottom grounds. The grabs are executed with knives with interchangeable teeth points.

Optional the grabs shells can be executed with dewatering sleeves.

The Grabs can be manufactured in every required capacity, weight or execution.


TGS offers 3 different systems to open the grab:

  1. Touch Down (Automatic).
    To open this type of grab, you have to land the grab onto the cargo or hopper to unlock the system.
  2. Radio remote control with stop-start
    The advantage of the Radio Remote Controlled operation is that you can open the grab in “Mid Air” and stop and start the opening of the grab several times.
  3. Hand tripped (Manual Control). To open this type of grab you have to pull, by hand or separate winch, a separate rope. Mid-air opening.

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The Grab Specialist B.V.
Draaibrugweg 1
1332 AA Almere
The Netherlands
+31 - (0) 36 532 88 22 info@tgs-grabs.nl