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Hydraulic Clamshell Grabs

These grabs are specially designed for charging and discharging of sand, gravel and other bulk materials and are also available in an execution for digging or dredging purposes.

The grabs can be executed with open or closed shells with dust covers, depending on the job and the type of material to be handled. The grabs are manufactured of high wear resistant steels. All bearings are heavy-duty and sealed for high performance.

Grab execution

The grabs can be executed with:

  • Mechanical rotator for 270˚ rotation (The mechanical rotator will standard be executed with 200mm height compensation)
  • Hydraulic rotator for 360˚ rotation
  • Hydraulic 360˚ rotation by means of slewing ring and hydro Motor
  • Without rotation (fitted with plate and lifting eye(s)

Optional the shells can be executed with clay ejector to push out sticky material, like clay.

The grabs can be manufactured in any execution weight and capacity you require.

A suspension link for connection of the grab to the crane can be manufactured according to your requirements.

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Pictures and Models of the Hydraulic Clamshell grabs

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The Grab Specialist B.V.
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1332 AA Almere
The Netherlands
+31 - (0) 36 532 88 22 info@tgs-grabs.nl