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Mechanical Single Line (Hook On) Clamshell Grabs

The Single line Hook-on dual scoop Clamshell is specially designed for cranes with one single drum (ship board cranes). Single Line Grabs can be connected to any crane. Just hook the grab on the crane with sufficient lifting capacity and your grab is ready for operation. In order to minimise material loss and pollution of the environment, single rope grabs can be equipped with closed shells. Each single rope grab is provided with a lock mechanism to secure the closing of the grab. To open the grab, this mechanism must be unlocked. 


TGS offers 3 different systems to open the grab:

  1. Hand tripped (Manual Control).
    To open this type of grab you have to pull, by hand or separate winch, a separate rope. Mid-air opening.
  2. Touch Down (Automatic).
    To open this type of grab, you have to land the grab onto the cargo or hopper to unlock the system.
  3. Radio remote control with stop-start
    The Remote controled execution works as follows:  The unlocking system for opening the grab is operated by Radio Remote Control. The advantage of the Radio Remote Controlled operation is that you can open the grab in “Mid Air” and stop and start the opening of the grab several times.

The grabs shells can be executed with Kick Plates to reduce capacity in case of heavier cargoes and to prevent the maximum lifting capacity of your crane beïng exceeded.

The grabs can also be executed with fully closed shells with dust vents.

The grabs are manufactured of high wear resistant steel and can be executed in any required weight and capacity.

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Contact with TGS

The Grab Specialist B.V.
Draaibrugweg 1
1332 AA Almere
The Netherlands
T: +31 - (0) 36 532 88 22 E: info@tgs-grabs.nl
The Grab Specialist B.V.
Draaibrugweg 1
1332 AA Almere
The Netherlands
+31 - (0) 36 532 88 22 info@tgs-grabs.nl