Hydraulic Rock Handling Grabs

The Hydraulic Rock handling Grabs and Block clamps are specially developed and designed to safely position large rocks or blocks at the precise location required. The teeth of the rock handling Grabs turn independently providing a simple solution to lift large rocks/ blocks piece by piece.

These grabs are manufactured at customers specifications of the stones or block to be handled and are available in various models for handling rocks or various kind of concrete breakwater blocks. 2, 3 or 4 tines, with interchangeable or integrated teeth. 


The hydraulic rock handling grab can be executed with:

  • Mechanical rotator for 270˚ rotation                                                                              
  • Hydraulic rotator for 360˚ rotation
  • 360˚ Hydraulic rotation by means of slewing ring with hydro Motor
  • Without rotation (fitted with plate and lifting eye(s)

A suspension link for connection of the grab to the crane can be manufactured according to your requirements.

The grabs are manufactured of high wear resitant steel.

The grabs can be manufactured in any execution weight and capacity you require.

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The Grab Specialist B.V.
Draaibrugweg 1
1332 AA Almere
The Netherlands
+31 - (0) 36 532 88 22 info@tgs-grabs.nl